Los Angeles Pilgrim Presbyterian Church is dedicated to revealing God’s glory in every avenue of our lives. As children of God, we have been endowed with many gifts, talents, and abilities that we can use to honor God. We features several established as well as blossoming ministries and groups for every kind of gift and every type of person. Although we are one body in Christ, we have unique and diverse skills that we are called to invest into the Kingdom of God. We open our doors to the community to form a harmonious body that desires to praise God with their special talents. Each group holds monthly and, in many cases, weekly gatherings of fun and creative fellowship time.

We are always open to opening up more groups upon suggestion!

College Students (Cornerstone)

Corner Stone is a Bible study and evangelism for college students and young adults led by cell group leaders.

Singles (Salt and Light)

Salt and Light is for Christian singles who want to be salt and light of this world in their everyday lives, following the Words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 5. We meet every Friday 6pm for Bible study, discussion and worship the Lord. We hope you can join and grow together in Christ! The group is led by a church minister and cell group leaders.


• Introduction: The Calling of Paul & the Purpose of the Epistle
• The Reality of the Beginning of Sin
• True Baptism and Identity of Christians
• Sola Fide, Sola Gratia
• The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
• Beyond Tragedy
• The Power of Jesus’ Blood on My Sins
• After Justification – Life of Sanctification
• Battling With Sin
• Awaiting the Dawn of God’s Kingdom

Blessed Ones : Heavenly Constitution (Matthew 5: 1 – 16)
• Beginning the Kingdom of Heaven
• The Paradoxical Truth – The Ruler of Kingdom of God
• Heart of Unity – The Father and the Son
• The Heart That Touches God, Eyes That See Him
• The Suffering of the Righteous Sons

Galatians is another deep well that quenches the believers who underwent long time serving but grew cold losing grace. It revives the hearts of love and lets us recall the first love God showed in the beginning.
• Background
• What is Gospel?
• Conflict and Resolution: The Circumcision Dispute (Law & Gospel)
• Heirs According to the Promise
• Church of Hagar and Church of Sarah
• Life by Grace and by the Spirit
• Fulfill the Law of Christ: Carry Each Other’s Burdens.

• Exodus: The Spiritual Refinery for the People of God
• The Old Testament Studies
• The Life of Jesus: The Works of Jesus on Earth
• The Book of Acts: The Expansion of Christianity
• The Book of Philemon: The Way of Communication Among Christians and the Life Following the Gospel

Outreach & Evangelism

Outreach & Evangelism ministry has the foundational commission for the Great Commission. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15) All the believers are asked to follow what Jesus commanded at the end of his ministry on earth.

Outreach activities and evangelism programs are the priorities of all branch churches and fellowships. The ministry encourages people in us by opening outreach programs, strategy seminars and evangelism tools.


Spreading the good news of Jesus is not only limited to directly preaching or teaching the Bible. God has given us many tools to deliver the news of mission and Bible understanding through modern networking methods.

Through communicating the word, we can be mutually strengthened and edified within the body of Christ.

Church Planting

We are in the partnership with many churches in different locations in the United States. The collaboration was formed by supporting the church planting in the initial stage or the sharing of resources, events, educational materials and pastoral guidance, etc. Pastors and congregants in the related churches enjoy the resourceful fellowship in the Lord in order to stay open for the greater perspective and opportunity beyond the physical boundary in the local area. The local church partnership and network greatly increase the strength of the individual church when it mutually serves and fills the needs in diverse situations. We continually endeavors to solidify the churches in many locations in the cities to reach out everybody to know the name of Jesus Christ our savior.

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." (1 Corinthians 3:6-7)